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Specialist Tools & Equipment

Over the past 3 years we have striven to install and manufacture from the best machinery affordable, available and appropriate for our business, regarding our product range, volume, size and within the constraints of our workshop. To that end we upgraded to our current combination machine by Hammer (Felder Group) . This is a high quality, very accurate panel saw made in Austria which has a combination machine and is equipped with a planer, thicknesser (makes timber flat, thinner, and dimensions timber to a final size) and spindle moulder. We have added the extra of a Power Feeder which draws the timber through ensuring a smooth, accurate and safe system.

We only use Felder Silent power blades and top quality saw blades from Leitz Tooling. Between them they offer some of the best industrial saw blades on the market.(Images)

Our new Felder Bandsaw has been put to good use over recent months - cutting effortlessly through solid oak, walnut and iroko. This powerful industrial bandsaw has been upgraded with ceramic blade guides for superior accuracy and finish in conjunction with the Felder blades we use.

We are currently in discussion with several CNC router manufacturers to find the ideal machine for our business. This is a digital router which offers a flexible, automated solution for a range of manufacturing needs. Utilising the latest technology it delivers a precise, safe and user friendly experience for a range of projects. As a result, this machine enables us to reduce labour per product, create less waste and improve operating capacity and efficiency.

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