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V&A Exhibition Project

In 2018 I was asked by Construction Scotland Innovation Centre to be a subcontractor in the manufacturing and surface preparation and coating of CLT panels for an exhibition. The purpose of which was to highlight a newer construction method with has many advantages over more traditional construction methods - not least being the carbon footprint.

CLT (Cross laminate timber) panels are a engineered timber building solution. The panels consist of no less than three cross-bonded layers of timber typically ranging in thickness between 20mm and 45mm. The timber is strength graded to BS EN 14081-1:2005 and glued together in a press, which applies pressure over the entire surface area of the panel. This exhibition was in conjunction with several organisations one which is AHEC (American Hardwood Export Council).

After assisting in the manufacturing of the panels I had the sole responsibility for the surface preparation and lacquer coating of all panels for the structure - this was my introduction to the Sherwin Williams (Sayerlack) products that we now solely use. My view was that if their lacquers are good enough for an exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, then they’re good enough for our cabinets!

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