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Paints & Coatings

Our paints and primers are all Sherwin Williams products. We use exclusively water based acrylics . The technology for these is now so advanced that it outperforms most solvent based paints. Our primer of choice is a high quality, high solids product which is integral to achieving a good quality topcoat finish.

Our paint of choice is a pigmented lacquer; This means that it has all the attributes of a lacquer making it extremely durable and hard wearing. It has a high resistance to chipping and does not flake. All standard paints such as Dulux, Crown, Farrow and Ball etc are categorised as decorative paints, our paint is an industrial coating.

We spray apply all primer and topcoats using our specialist Graco spraying equipment because it gives a superior, extremely even finish.

We can colour match to absolutely any colour you may wish. All we need is a paint name, RAL number or sample. Even a small offcut of your chosen shade is sufficient.

Our paint supplier has the latest technology to scan and analyse and calculate the necessary pigments to reproduce the colour. In most cases we are able to supply a sample of the product in advance to afford the opportunity to see it in situ or on a section of the cabinet core material.

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